January 20, 2015

 RIMS Upstate New York Chapter - MEETING

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
   RIT Inn & Conference Center
5257 W. Henrietta Road
Henrietta, NY 14467

 Presentation 1:

Workers' Compensation Large Loss and Catastrophic Claims Settlements

This presentation focuses on the components, valuation and negotiation techniques that can be employed to bring resolution to workers’ compensation cases.   The discussion includes the various aspects of a case including indemnity, medical, non-medical items as well as a brief discussion and history of Medicare Set-Asides.  Various strategies are outlined and approaches/methodologies for resolving ongoing high exposure claims.  

Presented by: Gitter & Associates
Speaker: Greg Gitter, CMSP (bio)

 Presentation 2:

Harmonizing Risk Transfer In Commercial Agreements and Insurance Policies

On a daily basis nearly every company enters into some form of contractual risk transfer arrangement.  For example, a company buying goods may seek to transfer its risk of product defects to the seller or manufacturer, a general contractor may seek to transfer its risk of personal injury and property damage to a subcontractor, or a non-operator owner of an oil rig may seek indemnification from the owner-operator – in each of these relationships there is a desire to transfer risk from one commercial party to another.  To further effectuate risk transfer, commercial policyholders frequently seek to extend their insurance to provide additional insured coverage to the entities whose risk they have agreed to assume.  For example, a seller who agrees to indemnify a purchaser for product liability also may agree to add the purchaser as an additional insured under an insurance policy.  In each of these ways, and many others, commercial parties, on a daily basis, enter into risk transfer arrangements as a means to define the responsibilities of the parties.  Far too often, however, the parties’ intent is frustrated and the risk is not transferred as desired.   Through this program, we will discuss the various risk transfer mechanisms that can be utilized in commercial agreements and in insurance policies from the perspectives of companies on both sides of the risk transfer equation.  We also will discuss how to harmonize the various complex provisions used to transfer risk in commercial agreements and highlight potential pitfalls that can cause risk not to be transferred as intended. This program should be of great interest to risk managers and in-house lawyers practicing on the transactional or litigation side. 

 Presented by: ReedSmith


08:30 AM -- Registration
09:00 AM -- Chapter Business Meeting
09:30 AM -- Legislative Update
09:45 AM -- Break
10:00 AM -- Presentation 1
10:45 AM -- Break
11:00 AM -- Presentation 2
11:45 AM -- Lunch

*Times may vary slightly depending on length of presentations


Active Members: covered by the chapter
Non-Members: $40 (check, cash, credit via PayPal)

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