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RIMS National Announces Dues for 2011
Corporate (includes two deputies)                     $525*
Additional Deputies                                         $170*
Associate (individual membership)                      $525*
Educational                                                   $110*
Retired                                                         $110*
Affiliate                                                         $ 0*
Student                                                         $ 0 *
Recent Graduate
(These dues apply to those Additional Deputies and Associates who received their initial bachelor’s degree in 2007 or later;  the graduation date is based on the date on their diploma and not when they completed their coursework.  The individual does NOT have to have been a student member of RIMS. To verify this status, applicants must provide verification:
1.      Copy of their diploma with their name, degree and date of graduation OR
2.      Copy of an official college/university transcript showing their name and the date of graduation as well as the degree awarded OR
3.      An original letter on college/university stationery from either the Alumni Director or Dean of the School offering the degree verifying the date of graduate and degree for the individual members.
Year of Graduation     Deputy           Associate
2010                         $50*             $50*
2009                         $75*             $75*
2008                         $100*           $150*
2007                         $125*           $300*
2006                         Full Dues*     Full Dues*
*  Plus local chapter dues, if applicable.

PLEASE NOTE: When filling out membership application as a "new" (or “recovered” which means they haven’t been members of RIMS in the past two years) members indicate on your application (right before the payment page) that you heard about RIMS through the Member-Get-A-Member campaign and list the name and email address of the member who referred you.

Our membership committee is working on updating the membership page. We thank you for your patience and understanding while this page is being updated!

Today, more than ever before, risk management is vital to the future of economic success in business. That is why we’d like to introduce to you the Upstate Chapter of the Risk Insurance Management Society’s (RIMS), the global leader in risk management. Our chapter serves many prominent businesses in the Upstate New York and we invite you to join us as a member. Among the many valuable services we provide, our members gain the benefit of:

  • Timely, practical and innovative information, education, networking and advocacy to facilitate their integration/maintenance of risk management into business operations;
  • Promoting awareness regarding the value of risk management; and
  • Access to current, vital risk management information and networking opportunites.

Many consider membership in the Upstate Chapter of RIMS to be an investment in the economic future of their business. For more information on our Chapter please contact: Cheryl Canfield.

 Membership Benefits

Enhance your career and value to your company by developing your skills and knowledge with our highly competitive Professional Development courses. Stay on the cutting-edge by earning your RIMS Fellow® designation, also with webinars, online courses and innovative in-company training. 

Rest assured that no matter how busy you are RIMS will keep you informed on tools to manage an effective risk program. Find the latest risk and insurance industry in-depth analysis, insight and features with our RiskWire daily news service and our award-winning Risk Management magazine.

Establish closer communication with your peers at Local Chapter meetings, RIMS Regional Conferences and the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition, the industry's premier risk management learning experience, gathering 10,000 risk professionals to meet, share ideas and learn. Identify other risk professionals with our easily accessible online Risk Professionals Directory. Discuss obstacles and find solutions when you join eGroups, our popular online networking forum.

Local Chapter Meetings
Chapters are the building blocks of RIMS. They are the closest point of contact between RIMS members and the Society. The 81 RIMS Chapters are located throughout the US (69), Canada (10), Mexico (1) and Japan (1). Led by Risk Management professionals, these volunteers donate many hours to provide local programs and events. Being a chapter officer allows a member to extract the maximum benefit from the Society while making real contributions to the profession.

Join RIMS and connect with more than 10,000 risk management professionals located throughout North America and the world. In addition to networking locally and globally, there is much more that RIMS can offer. Consider the many benefits of membership and
join today.