Advertise on our Site!

Advertise on our site!

Advertising on the Upstate New York Chapter's website can prove to be a great way to increase knowledge, traffic, and sales for our advertisers.

The Upstate New York Chapter's website has a steadily increasing number of visitors and members.

This site gets many visitors per day, all of which are associated with the Risk and Insurance industry.

90% of our visitors are:

1.  Risk and Insurance professionals and members of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

2.  Looking to learn more about the Risk and Insurance industry.

3.  Look for ways to expand their current business.

Geographic demographics:

90% Upstate New York
10% Rest of New York and adjoining states

Please contact our 
Treasurer for more information on advertising on our site.

Disclaimer:  The Upstate New York Chapter of RIMS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management.  All proceeds and donations are for charity, including the Spencer Educational Foundation.