Membership 2021

RIMS membership is open to all professionals with risk responsibilities, and provides practical learning, resources and connections for individuals at every point in their career. The many valuable benefits far exceed the cost of membership including cutting-edge industry news from Risk Management magazine and RisKWire™ daily news service, timely professional development presentations addressing the most pertinent topics and the broadest range of networking opportunities available in the industry.

Members receive substantial discounts on conference registrations, educational workshops, training materials, industry publications and much more.

Current 2021 Membership Rates are as follows:
*Plus Chapter Dues

Membership Type




You belong to a company / organization for which you have risk responsibilities


$650 (Includes two professional individual memberships)
$240 for each additional professional member

$149 (Young Professionals Under 26) 


You provide products or services to those in the risk management profession. For example, you are a broker, underwriter, consultant, attorney, accountant, and actuary or outsourced risk manager


$625 (Includes one membership)
$149 (Young Professionals Under 26) 



You are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student working towards a degree in risk management, insurance, or business


$25 (includes one membership)

Student chapter dues only required for Cumberland, Greater Plains, Greater Kansas City, and Nevada chapters

The student me​membership year is Oct. 1-Sept. 30, however you can join anytime within this cycle.



You are a full-time professor or dean in a program providing risk management, insurance, or business education


$125 (includes one membership)



You were a professional or associate member of RIMS immediately prior to your full retirement


$125 (includes one membership)



Available to Professional or Associate member upon their separation from their current place of employment. Transitional membership is renewable once, or a maximum of 2 years from the date of separation



No Cost 
(Membership terminates upon acceptance of employment)