Committee Descriptions

Make a difference in the Risk Management Community by Contributing your skills and insights to a RIMS Committee. Volunteering is a priceless experience that will help you hone your leadership skills and become a better risk professional. 

Annual Conference Programming Committee
The Annual Conference Programming Committee (ACPC) plays a key role in the success of the RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition. Members of the Committee evaluate and select the presentation of educational sessions and industry sessions. Additionally, the Committee creates opportunities for networking and encourages the discussion, presentation and evaluation of critical and emerging risk management solutions.

External Affairs Committee
The External Affairs Committee promotes and supports risk management by analyzing legislative, regulatory and legal issues; recommending policy and viewpoints for RIMS; providing sound risk management responses to these issues and educating members on how these issues will affect their industry and/or profession.


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning the financial well being of the Society. In this role, it oversees the annual budgets and presents it to the Board for approval.


International Committee
The International Committee is made up of risk management professionals with international experience, assembled to identify global trends impacting risk management and to ensure that RIMS offers globally-relevant resources and services. The committee also provides content advice on the need and development of globally-focused tools, educational offerings, products and services to a growing international risk management sector.


Member & Chapter Engagement Committee
The Member and Chapter Engagement Committee of the Risk and Insurance Management Society supports the development of an international network of members and chapters by identifying member needs. The M&CE committee is responsible for the review of existing RIMS resources including products, programs, and services while also serving as beta testers for new programs and/or technology that the Society is seeking to incorporate. The Committee also serves as the arbiter for the Chapter Awards Program in which it accepts, reviews, and determines award winners. In addition, M&CE oversees and finalizes alterations to the nominating and selection process. As a whole, the Committee is chiefly tasked with creating and identifying member and chapter benefits while promoting community value to the larger RIMS membership.


Nominating Committee
The Nominating and Governance Committee identifies, recruits, and formally nominates Society members to serve on the Board of Directors. The Committee also (1) oversees the orientation and training of new Board members, (2) assists with the development of Board members during their terms of service, (3) reviews and recommends modifications, as appropriate, to the Society’s governance structure, committee structure, and governance documents, including the bylaws and governance polices, and (4) considers other governance issues that arise, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board.

RIMS-CRMP Certification Commission
The Commission provides oversight of and ensures that the RIMS-CRMP meets and maintains best industry practices in credentialing. The Commission aids in establishing and implementing policies related to granting, maintaining, renewing and suspending, withdrawing, and expanding and reducing the scope of the certification. Members of the Commission may also serve on various subcommittees such as Nominating, Ethics, Exam Development and Appeals.


Rising Risk Professional (RRP) Advisory Group
The Rising Risk Professional (RRP) Advisory Group consists of RIMS members under the age of 36 that provide feedback and recommendations on new and existing RRP programs.


Standards and Practices Council
The Standards and Practices Council's responsibilities are to actively engage in the development and revisions of any and all risk management standards and practices. These activities may include creation, support, coordination, leadership and promotion of national and international standards, best practices, research projects and articles pertaining to the risk management discipline.


Student Advisory Council
The council is a panel assembled to oversee and coordinate RIMS Student Outreach Programs and Membership. Its responsibilities are:

  • To continually seek ways to engage, recruit, maintain and administer student outreach programs and RIMS student membership.
  • To develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with academic organizations related to the insurance and risk management field, (e.g. Gamma Iota Sigma, ARIA), through attendance at their annual conferences and speaking engagements, and their attendance at the RIMS annual conference, and joint programs and mutual support.
  • To develop, coordinate, and administer a RIMS Student Mentor program between RIMS members and students;
  • To provide ongoing guidance to RIMS in the areas that effect students - such as membership categories and career center; Student E-Groups, chat rooms, online Q&A events, student social networking board; and professional development.
  • To develop, coordinate and administer a Student Track at the annual RIMS conference. Strive to engage more students at the conference via focus group data gathering, communications and GIS interaction.
  • To encourage chapter student involvement and support chapter involvement by the development and administration of student programs, idea exchanges and communications.